New vulnerability for WPTouch Wordpress plug-in

A research team found a very serious vulnerability in the WPTouch Plugin for WordPress that allows an attacker to upload files remotely to websites running the plugin that have not updated to VERSION 3.4.3 (the version the WPTouch team just put out to patch the vulnerability). This vulnerability may be very userful for an attacker to upload malicious contents in your websites.

In order to secure your website if you’re using the WPTouch Plugin (and over 5 million sites are), make sure to update the plugin immediately.

To detect malicious contents in your websites you can use CloudWALL MDS | Malware Detection Service but if you are interested to prevent your website to be vulnerable to next threats you may consider CloudWALL WAF | Web Application Firewall that allow to protect your websites from any network and application level attack.

Find more details at www.cloudwall.tk/mds.


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