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Which Antispam solution do you sell ?

Did you ever sold products and solutions to protect mail servers from viruses and spam? I'm sure yes, of course. And I'm also sure that in your experience you've sold products that has allowed you a very limitated margins and have been also very complex in the installation process, with additional costs for your company.

At CloudWALL we've a clear undestanding of those issues. For this reason, in cohoperation with our technological partners, we've built a platform to protect mail servers from viruses and spam that is ready to use, requiring no investiments to purchase hardware, software and infrastructures, and supplied in a "as a service" model and a "pay-per-use" pricing referred to the number of protected mailboxes.

Leveraging the value of this platform may give some benefits to your company, as: 
  • a new services in your offering portfolio
  • a margin grow than typical resale of products
  • recursive revenues from your subscribers
  • a standard offering with standard skills to manage
  • the opportunity to sell new services for management
For more details please visit our website at www.cloudwall.tk/mcf

We've created a NOC to share with your company

Did you ever considered which value services your company could supply to your customers by leveraging the value of a Network Operation Centre ?  Just for example:
  • health and fault monitoring for phisical and virtual systems
  • availability monitoring for network services
  • availability monitoring for local and hosted web applications
  • service level agreement monitoring for critical applications
  • monitoring of the expiration date of SSL certificates
  • send alarms by email in the case of incidents and anomalies
  • build reports for availability and SLA management
At today, the opportunity to supply those type of services was limitated to big players in the IT and TLC industry, due to the large investments required to build an manage a Network Operation Centre infrastructure.

Today, by leveraging the value of cloud technologies, your company may have your own Network Operation Centre infrastructure ready to use, requiring no investiments to purchase hardware, software and infrastructures, and supplied in a "as a service" model and a "pay-per-use" pricingreferred to the number of monitored devices and applications for your customers.

Find more details at  www.cloudwall.tk/mon.

Security "as a service" for your customers

CloudWALL is a new player in the IT Security industry and in this field we are able to supply your company with top level expertise to evaluate risks for your customers against most emergent threats - including most recent vulnerabilities as Heartbleed and Shellshock - and to suggest remediation activities through our portfolio of security platforms "in the cloud" supplied with a "as a service" approach

Through our portfolio of security auditing and risk assessment services as well as our security platforms "in the cloud" your company may be able - without any investment - to supply your customers with new value services able to differentiate your company from competition, to enforce your "grip" to your customers and to increase your revenues through a new range of value added services working around our cloud-based technology portfolio.

Find more details at www.cloudwall.tk.

Leverage your business with cloud security

At CloudWALL, we are providers of leading Cloud Security Technologies and best practices to enable channel partners, resellers and service providers to quickly deliver and onboard users to a Cloud-Based Security Portfolio of service offerings.
CloudWALL mission is focused in helping partners of all types to deliver security and compliance solutions to their customers and our offering of software-as-a-service security solutions may allow your company to provide your customers with a valuable and comprehensive solution that is easy to sell, deploy and deliver.
Bringing your company with a valuable portfolio of innovative IT security solutions delivered in the cloud accomplished with a specific background to support your company in enrolling, delivering and promoting those services to your customers, CloudWALL allow your company to increase your revenues and retain your most profitable customers with additional managed services and solutions.
Actually based in Italy and actively working with some key partners in the IT Security industry, we are working to grow the network of system integration companies and IT service providers in the EMEA region interested in delivering new and innovative value added services through our cloud-based portfolio of security solutions.
Together, we can help your customers benefit from the cost savings and collaboration benefits that can be realized by leveraging the value of the cloud while maintaing a strong information security stance and meeting operational and regulatory requirements.

Find more details at www.cloudwall.tk/partners