Security "as a service" for your customers

CloudWALL is a new player in the IT Security industry and in this field we are able to supply your company with top level expertise to evaluate risks for your customers against most emergent threats - including most recent vulnerabilities as Heartbleed and Shellshock - and to suggest remediation activities through our portfolio of security platforms "in the cloud" supplied with a "as a service" approach

Through our portfolio of security auditing and risk assessment services as well as our security platforms "in the cloud" your company may be able - without any investment - to supply your customers with new value services able to differentiate your company from competition, to enforce your "grip" to your customers and to increase your revenues through a new range of value added services working around our cloud-based technology portfolio.

Find more details at www.cloudwall.tk.


  1. With data centric security providing sensitive data risk reduction, organizations reduce the associative business risks of today’s data breaches; revenue loss, brand damage, regulatory fines and business disruption.
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