We've created a NOC to share with your company

Did you ever considered which value services your company could supply to your customers by leveraging the value of a Network Operation Centre ?  Just for example:
  • health and fault monitoring for phisical and virtual systems
  • availability monitoring for network services
  • availability monitoring for local and hosted web applications
  • service level agreement monitoring for critical applications
  • monitoring of the expiration date of SSL certificates
  • send alarms by email in the case of incidents and anomalies
  • build reports for availability and SLA management
At today, the opportunity to supply those type of services was limitated to big players in the IT and TLC industry, due to the large investments required to build an manage a Network Operation Centre infrastructure.

Today, by leveraging the value of cloud technologies, your company may have your own Network Operation Centre infrastructure ready to use, requiring no investiments to purchase hardware, software and infrastructures, and supplied in a "as a service" model and a "pay-per-use" pricingreferred to the number of monitored devices and applications for your customers.

Find more details at  www.cloudwall.tk/mon.


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