Which Antispam solution do you sell ?

Did you ever sold products and solutions to protect mail servers from viruses and spam? I'm sure yes, of course. And I'm also sure that in your experience you've sold products that has allowed you a very limitated margins and have been also very complex in the installation process, with additional costs for your company.

At CloudWALL we've a clear undestanding of those issues. For this reason, in cohoperation with our technological partners, we've built a platform to protect mail servers from viruses and spam that is ready to use, requiring no investiments to purchase hardware, software and infrastructures, and supplied in a "as a service" model and a "pay-per-use" pricing referred to the number of protected mailboxes.

Leveraging the value of this platform may give some benefits to your company, as: 
  • a new services in your offering portfolio
  • a margin grow than typical resale of products
  • recursive revenues from your subscribers
  • a standard offering with standard skills to manage
  • the opportunity to sell new services for management
For more details please visit our website at www.cloudwall.tk/mcf


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