Help your customers to undestand their threats

Surely you have a clear understanding of new generation of hidden and emergent threats, including recently discovered exploits as "shellshock", "heartbleed" and "poodle". They are just the latest threats in cyber security landscape where attacks as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Advanced Malware artifacts are in most case conducted in conjunction with "phishing" and "social engineering" tecniques to increase effectiveness.

Do your customers have a clear understanding of this landscape ?
Do they are aware of vulnerabilities they are exposed ?
Do they are correctly addressing vulnerabilities and managing risk ?

To help you and your customers to give an answer to indicated question, CloudWALL is able to supply you a comprehensive portfolio od security auditing and assessment services including Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Application Security Testing.

Together, through a remote security auditing services portfolio we are able to detect vulnerabilities your customers are exposing on public and private subnets and application and to supply all support to understand the risk level and to address remediation activities.

CloudWALL works as an extension of your company making available for you the strong expertise of our engineers in the cyber security space as well as our industry standard approach and methodology, while the full set of reporting deliverables are customized with your logo and color frame.

Cohoperating with us in delivering security auditing services to your customers may be interesting for your company in several fields, including but not limited to :

  • starting deliver a new portfolio of value added services without any investiment
  • increase revenues for professional services to addresss detect vulnerabilities
  • increase your brand awareness with your customers becoming a trusted advisor in security

For more details please visit our website at www.cloudwall.tk/services where you can find a catalog of our security auditing and assessment services and of course feel free to contact us for any inquiry.


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