IDC survey finds DNS servers still sitting ducks

DNS servers remain an unprotected sitting duck in many organisations despite good awareness of the risks posed by external attacks, a survey carried out by IDC for EfficientIP has found. IDC's survey of 244 IT staff in the US, UK and France suggests a paradox in the rise in importance of DNS infrastructure; organisations know how important they are and yet often use older and inadequate forms of protection such as conventional packet firewalls to keep them safe.

Anxiety about the possibility of a DNS attack was high with 63 percent of respondents in France describing it as significant or very significant, ahead of 50 percent in the US and 47 percent in the UK. The most often mentioned effect of an attack was disruption to the business, with the leakage of sensitive customer data, reputational damage, and legal issues not far behind on the list of worries.

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