Microsoft takes offline 4M Malicious Websites

Microsoft has gotten pretty good at using the legal system to combat the spread of malware and online fraud. It appears, however, that they need to work on their finesse game a little. In their latest assault, the collateral damage knocked around 4 million sites offline.

It all started after a Nevada court temporarily gave Microsoft control of 23 domains belonging to No-IP.com. In case you’re not familiar with No-IP, it’s a service that assigns static subdomain and domain names to dynamic IP addresses. Geeky types like us often use them to make remotely accessing servers that we run at home (only in accordance with our ISPs TOS, of course).

Malware authors, however, like to leverage services like No-IP to distribute and control their malicious software. They can constantly change IP addresses for CNC servers without knocking their network offline. These sites make up a tiny percentage of the total, of course. According to Microsoft’s court papers, around 18,000 No-IP names were part of the njrat and njworm malware network.

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