DDoS is a key threat for 58% of companies

The past few years have seen rapid progression in the scale and complexity of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, making them one of the biggest security concerns for business organisations. A study conducted by BT has revealed that 36% of UK companies rank DDoS attacks among their key concerns and the proportion is even higher on a global scale (58%).

The survey involved IT managers from 11 countries, gauging their attitudes to DDoS attacks and assessing their preparedness to deal with such incursions. BT found that 41% of companies had become the target of a DDoS attack in the past year and over 75% of them had been subjected to attacks at least twice. For 20% of enterprises, the cyber offensive had taken their systems offline for a whole working day.

CloudWALL DOS | Denial of Service Prevention offers 24x7 DDoS protection from the cloud. Our cloud-based protection blocks high-bandwidth DDoS attacks that flood your network as well as low-bandwidth, hard-to-detect attacks that bypass existing security devices like firewalls and intrusion prevention systems, and target the applications that keep your business running.  

With a virtually unlimited mitigation capacity working on our 17 data centers around the world, you can rely on our fully reduntant datacenters to ensure network availability of your critical systems and services.

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